Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovely in Pink

Ok, so the desk came out Be-U-tiful!  To say that I am enamored with the final product is a complete understatement. Not only that, but a few days after I had found the desk, I drove by a garage sale just one  block away from our house and found (among a bizillion other yummy things which I will share in future posts) this LOVELY chair:

The chairs I had seen up to that point were fairly dull and had no shape at all.  From the curb I could see this chair had the curves I wanted, scrolly back and all.  The kids whined and complained about getting off the car but I knew it was a now or never sorta situation, and guess what... I got it for $10 !  Not only that, I got to meet one of the nicest couples ever.  As it turns out the husband is an auctioneer and he invited us to come up and participate in his next auction.  I HAVE to take him up on it.  What a nice guy!  

Anywhoo, here's a close-up of the seat "cushion" (well, it really wasn't a cushion at all; it was very hard and I wondered if in the old days everyone was extremely thin or just plain uncomfortable).  The print on the cover was lovely though and once removed, I washed the cover by hand and have saved it awaiting inspiration to use it in another neat project.   Perhaps I'll frame it.  Any thoughts?

I had never recovered a chair but I looked it up on YouTube and frankly, it looked like something I could do.   I headed to Joann's Fabrics where I purchased some foam (high density is the best for these type projects), batting and the loveliest French print fabric you have ever seen.  I loaded my brand new staple gun, and I was   armed, dangerous and ready for battle.

This is what batting looks like off the baseball field :)  
No you don't have to get this giant roll... you purchase it by the yard.  I purchased 3/4 yard but could have likely gotten away with 1/2 yard.  Batting goes between the foam and the fabric... I am told it makes your seat cushion fluffy and wrinkle free and mine is so it must have worked!  

At first, I wasn't sure whether to paint the chair almond like the rest of AC's bedroom, or pink like the desk but this fabric clenched the pink for me and I am glad because the end result is divine.

So without further ado... here is the final product... 
the desk AND the chair (nice and cushiony now and oh so beautiful).

If you look closely you will notice that not only did I paint these pieces, but I also glazed them.  Glazing is that black stuff you see in the crevices that gives the pieces an antique-y aged look.   I was scared at first because the paint looked so crisp and beautiful without it, but it makes a really big difference and was definitely the way to go.  If you are interested in learning the technique, there is an excellent tutorial on glazing here.

I couldn't be happier with it.  I find myself going into AC's room just to stare at it; 
and you-know-who is absolutely THRILLED with her new pink desk and chair.

I can't wait to start on the next project!  
Did I mention the GORGEOUS headboard I found at the same garage sale as the chair?  
You're going to love it!  

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  1. That chair is adorable! Great find. the room is coming together nicely!

    Is the old fabric in the chair sturdy enough to be washed and turned into a throw pillow?